Our approach to Cricket Development

Below a outline of Centurion Cricket College's approach of laying a solid foundation for cricket development.

BevCric Vision Laying Foundation for Cricket


A brief background on BevCric. BevCric has been running now for the past 23 years, with under 6, 7 and 8 players participating. The major difference with BevCric it is played with a hard ball, similar to the cricket at school level. Why a hard ball? We've noticed that when under 6,7, and 8's play cricket with a soft ball at the stage they start playing school cricket they are not used to the hard ball, and we lose a lot of potential players due to this. For the past season we had more than 10 schools participating with over a 1000 players.

What was new for the 2017 season?

Taking our philosophy into account, we've made some changes this year to bridge the gap even further between BevCric and school cricket. This year we've introduced a dedicated BevCric T20 League as a new aspect of BevCric for our under 8 players. We've realised that the gap between BevCric and the under 9 school cricket is still a reality. With BevCric T20 League the game is played on a normal cricket pitch and the rules are in line with the school under 9 cricket rules. As with BevCric in the past the focus remains development. Might be too soon to say it was a huge success, but the feedback thus far has been phenomenal, the proof will be next year when our current BevCric T20 League players will be running out for their individual schools.

What do we have in store for 2018?

We're excited to launch BevCric Legends in 2018. Our focus have always been to develop a love for the game, and individual player development. BevCric Legends will focus on our younger players, under 5 and 6's, getting them ready for BevCric Classic, for more information on the what's and how's of BevCric Legends follow the link to BevCric Legends section.

Why BevCric Legends? Might be true for more than just cricket, to be able to achieve the full potential of each player the sooner they get exposed to cricket the quicker they can achieve that potential. We have identified some shortcomings in our under 6 BevCric League, we are sure the BevCric Legends League will address this.

BevCric - Laying Foundations for Cricket!